Clash Royal Hack-enter the arena and win

Clash royale is a multiplayer game where the objective is to destroy the opponent’s tower while defending one’s own tower. The player wins the battle by obtaining a higher number of crowns as compared to the enemy. The player gets one crown for destroying one of the enemy’s towers, two crowns for destroying two of the enemy’s tower and three crowns for destroying the opponent king’s tower.

Winning multiplayer battles helps the player in unlocking new arenas thereby enabling him climb higher up the game. These new arenas help unlock new cards which are of higher elixir thereby providing advantage over opponents.

How does the hack clash royale work?

Clash Royale Hack allows one to generate unlimited gems in just a few minutes. All one has to do is to connect the game account or the clash royal username to the site that provides such hacks. There are a lot of sites that provide such hacks.

After this one has to enter the platform of the device- ios or android. There is also an option for enabling or disabling encryption.  Finally one has to select the amount of clash of clans free gems that one needs and the amount of gold and click on generate.


Clash Royale Hack


After clicking on generate it may sometimes so happen that the site would ask for verification. To verify one has to click on verify now and thereby shall be redirected to either the play store of the app store where from a list of free apps one has to be downloaded. The downloaded app shall have to be used for the minimum time specified.

It may also happen that instead of being redirected to the app store or play store the verification has to be submitted by mail. A mail shall be sent containing the verification link and on clicking the link the verification process shall be completed.

After this the stated amount of clash of clans gems and gold shall be generated.


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