Find It Hard to Quit Smoking? – Welcome to the Land of E-cigaret

Smoking is injurious to health, and we all are aware of the consequences – However, most smokers find it impossible to quit smoking. Why is it so? Is the urge to smoke uncontrollable? Do we have a substitute for smoking tobacco that can save lives?

The above questions often strike the minds of smokers, but the compelling addiction overpowers their will to control tobacco smoking. In a developing country like India, it is heartbreaking to discover that around 900,000 people die annually due to tobacco smoking.


E – Liquids/ e-væske – A Tobacco Free Substitute

Electronic cigarettes are electronic devices and contain e-liquid solutions and contain aerosol with added flavors. The invention of electronic cigarettes has bought about a revolution and helped millions quit tobacco smoking.

The e-liquid consists of aerosol that contains nicotine and gives the smoker the feeling of a regular cigarette, thus eliminating the use of the fatal tobacco.

Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a comparative healthy substitute for smoking tobacco, and have become increasingly popular. They have the following advantages over regular cigarettes-

  • Life Saving –

The electronic cigarettes are comparatively safer than the regular cigarettes, and can drastically reduce the risks of lungs and mouth cancer.

  • Comparatively Cheaper

Regular cigarettes are disposable and are comparatively expensive. However, the electronic cigarettes are reusable and can save you the extra money.

  • A Wide Variety of Flavors-

Unlike the regular cigarettes, the electronic cigarettes are available in hundreds of flavors.

  • Fire Safety-

Regular cigarettes involve combustion, and the users often carry a lighter with them. A lighter caught in wrong hands can lead to fire hazards. However, there is no combustion in electronic cigarettes as the mechanism involves heating the liquid and converting it into vapors.

  • Odorless Experience-

Tobacco smokers often smell tobacco and the stander-by often have difficulty in associating with the smokers, but vapors released during the consumption electronic cigarettes ensure that your hands and mouth don’t smell bad.