How To Tune Your Gas Powered RC Car?

Gas powered RC cars are considered as vehicles possessing extremely powerful engines which run on less fuel. It is durable as well as reliable, thereby, never disappointing its owners. The maintenance cost that it involves is also very less which further makes the owners satisfied, in case they are run on a tight budget.

Before purchasing Gas Remote Control Cars, one must do a proper and careful research. One must also know few of the techniques of tuning their gas powered RC car. Few of the tuning techniques are as follows:

  • One must use a more viscous oil or “thicker” in order to absorb bumps or larger impacts for your RC cars’ suspension. This decreases the body roll rate as more viscous the oil, denser it is.
  • One must note down the impacts that are being sustained should be absorbed by the chassis or the framework and definitely not by the suspension.


  • The rate of body roll of such RC cars will be faster with thinner shock fuel. This will allow a higher “turn in” along with more grips on the road.
  • The grip of the vehicle can be increased by two ways:
  1. Softening the suspension at the required end. By decreasing the tension of the spring, with the use of shock piston with more holes or by making use of less viscous oil.
  2. The shock shaft position can be changed being relative to the chassis. This will create a force on the tireis equivalent to that particular spring.
  • Another important thing to note down is when the shock is positioned closer to chassis; suspension travel by the car will be more.
  • Another complicating factor is adjusting the shock angle so as to influence the arm’s resistance.
  • Another factor is adjusting the suspension in order to suit the requirements of over sized RC trucks.

These are some of the essential things to note down after purchasing Gas Powered RC Cars for Sale through any of the online sites. One gains more responsibility after owning such a car as it requires a proper and careful tuning in order to prevent critical situations.